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Our Base Camp is hidden on a private beachfront in the northwest of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. We will be camping by the mouth of the Hoko River, with an outdoor kitchen, dedicated facilities and shared workspace. Eastward along a rugged coastal trail strewn with petrified pines lies the Ozette Indian Village archaeological site. To the South we find the lush Hoh Rainforest, and to the West the Pacific Ocean batters against Cape Flattery, the farthest point of the contiguous United States. From Base Camp in Seiku, we will shuttle to trailheads that dive deep into dense forest and break high onto the panoramic mountain ridges of Olympic National Park.

Olympic Peninsula





Legendeer’s annual Embedded Residency is a week-long intensive program designed to refine your artistic and professional goals, connect meaningfully with your community, work on skill & voice, and leave with the maps and means to realize your most important projects. We pack ourselves out to the wilderness, tap into the strength of the land & find space and silence to connect back to the big picture. From these events, the model of the Embedded Artist has developed as a way of anchoring what we discover and applying it when we return to our homes and studios.

The residency is based on three foundations:


Meaningful ideas come from powerful experiences. At Legendeer we step out and remember to breathe in. We hike, hone our awareness and challenge ourselves to be present. We observe, draw, photograph and write outdoors alongside professionals who have built their careers in the wild. At night we gather by the fire to connect and share story. Our faculty will talk openly about the path they took to get where they are, and give straight answers to difficult questions.



Recognizing and amplifying your voice is the most empowering thing you can do as an artist. It is the unique synthesis of your thoughts, feelings and ideas and exists as an extension of everything you have lived until this moment. It can’t be faked. It will carry you through being a student, mastering a profession, and remaining authentic as you grow into artistic maturity. We’ll look at your current work and your ideas for the future. We’ll dig into your motivators and validators, break down difficult decisions, workshop your personal projects, and help you define goals that bring focus to the complex, overlapping demands of being an independent artist. 



Skill is a means to bring Experience together with Voice to create a work of art that lives and breathes in the world. It is a mindset of deploying every means possible to communicate clearly, find resonance, and move your audience. Distinction in technique is found when skill elegantly works in service of the artwork as a whole. We will set aside time for demonstration, portfolio critique, process breakdowns and to give you feedback as you work. We’ll look at different ways that our faculty have grown and shifted their skillsets to meet the needs of different projects and amplify their voice.




Legendeer curates a multidisciplinary team of creatives who have followed their own path and dedicated themselves to their personal vision. They are examples of the Embedded Artist model; chosen for their skill, voice, and unique perspective on creative living.

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