Frequently asked questions

What Level of skill Is required?

The theories, processes and techniques behind Legendeer are designed to scale from basic observation to the highest levels of ideation and lifestyle orientation. Personal voice is foundational at all levels of creative development, equally applicable to those starting out and those at the peak of their career. There will be content curated for beginners in their field as well as professionals seeking distinction. There is no prerequisite skill level.

How physically fit do i need to be?

The experiential portion of the program will invite participants to hike and engage in physical activity throughout Olympic National Park and at base camp. Some experience with day-hiking is recommended, although anyone who is reasonably able and fit in daily life will be able to participate, with some preparation beforehand. We are happy to talk with you about specific questions you might have. All participants will be required to sign safety waivers and risk acknowledgement forms, so it is ideal to be aware of your own limitations, and communicate any concerns to us ahead of time.

What is NOT included in the price?

  1. You will need to find your own way into and out of our meeting point at Sea-Tac. Our price includes only transport between Sea-Tac and Basecamp, and within the park during the residency.

  2. Likewise, no accomodation is included in Seattle prior to meeting time on the 14th July, or after our drop-off on the evening of the 21st.

  3. Breakfast/lunch on the 14th and lunch/dinner on the 21st are not included. You may also want to pack extra snacks or particular dietary-needs items for the week. More information on food, preferences, and dietary requirements will be sent in advance of the event, so you know what to expect.

  4. You will be responsible for your personal toiletries, hygiene products, hiking clothes and shoes, additional hiking gear (poles, maps, backpacks, etc), sleeping bags, and art materials.

We will be providing twin-share tents, and we will camp along the shore at base camp. This means buddying up with someone. We will have separate forms to specify preferred sleeping partners. If you require a tent of your own, you will be responsible for packing this in and out with you. This helps us reduce any unnecessary waste from the event by donating a small amount of tents to local charities. Sleeping can get cold at night, so a good set of thermal pyjamas is recommended, as well as a sleeping bag rated to 30°f. A sleeping mattress is also recommended for warmth, and a comfort barrier against uneven ground.

I’ve never camped before, where will I be sleeping?

Cellphone service cannot be relied upon at Basecamp or in the park. Limited wi-fi may be available at Basecamp if necessary, but will not be widely accessible. Plan on a digital detox and a break from your routine obligations.

Will we have cell/wifi service?

With a shared kitchen and preparation space, attendees will prepare their own meals and share in set up and clean up duties. Legendeer will purchase food in bulk and prepare a meal plan. A survey will be sent out to assess dietary requirements and allergies, and we will do our best to accomodate. Please be prepared to cater to your own needs if your requirements are highly specific beyond things like vegetarian options, GF, and common allergies. Keep in mind that on hiking days, lunch will be packed, and we will eat on the trail. Bring extra trail bars or snacks just in case. Our closest point for restock is driving distance, so Legendeer will make supply runs several times during the event, for shared necessities.

Can you cater to my dietary Needs?

We have taken every possible precaution to ensure your safety, while encouraging each of us to challenge ourselves. All groups will be accompanied by a member of faculty, and a licensed WFR-Certified guide at all times. All groups will carry first aid kits and will be well equipped with knowledge about the trails and any potential dangers. We will have safety briefings before heading out on any new activities. Remember, you are always responsible for your own safety, and for ensuring the safety of those around you as well. Stay aware and considerate and there is no reason to expect any danger at all.

Are the hikes dangerous?

We’ll be sending out approval confirmations in waves each month until all spots are full. Our three criterion are 1. The order in which people applied, 2. Maintaining the balance of the group overall, and 3. The application itself, including your assessment. All applicants will be informed when the positions are filled. Unfortunately we won’t be able to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

When will I find out about my application?