Our Philosophy

Who is Legendeer?

We are a worldwide community dedicated to understanding, amplifying and exemplifying the power of art. We design events, tools, and systems of support that enable all artists to find purpose and create meaningful work. We are defining and advocating a new artistic territory exemplified by the ‘Embedded Artist’.


Embedded Art is an antidote to the isolation and disconnection in the current digital landscape. It can take place anywhere; in nature or a metropolis, in the studio, in public, or in our homes. The Embedded Artist performs creative acts with an awareness of context, intent and time. They build bridges between artists and communities, and act as exemplars of the potential that art brings to human progress.

Why are we doing all of this?

Legendeer believes that Artistic Expression is a universal human right, and that we are still evolving our understanding of art’s role in human survival and flourishing. We promote new possibilities for artists to commit to their personal vision and sustain themselves through their connection to an engaged audience. The time is right for a renaissance in depth and purpose of creative vision.


Sterling Hundley creating public work in Bogotá, Colombia.